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Kim Bolufe’ and The Bolufe’ Boutique in Delray Beach, Florida 

Sometimes you just want to look extra special.  Don't you find that it makes you FEEL extra special?  The trick is to know what style, color and size clothing can do that for you. That is the extraordinary talent that Kim Bolufe’ possesses. Kim said, "I can quickly style an individual according to their body type and lifestyle. My customers/clients, both women and men, trust my opinion. She added, "I have over 30,000 customers and I know their sizes, tastes and names. I have been 99.99% spot on with fitting both men and women."

Kim became involved in the world of fashion at the age of 10 and a half. Her mother worked in a large fashion house in New York City and Kim became familiar with fabrics, threads, buttons and the proper sewing to the finished garment. Today Bolufe’ Boutique on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, Florida is booming with both women and men who respect her expertise.

For 3 decades, customers who have been loyal for many years fly here from around the world. And now there is one more added perk: Kim's daughter, Alexandria, joined the business. Just like Kim, Alexandria grew up learning the family business by working in the Bolufe’ boutiques and was by her mother’s side learning the fashion buying. She also has a passion for fashion! Alexandria's flair adds proficiency in online shopping and contemporary nuances.

Together this mother and daughter team are unstoppable, bringing Bolufe’ to a new level and to an even more successful future.

Bolufe’ Boutique

Come visit Bolufe’ Boutique, like so many of its loyal world-traveling clientele, to stay current with the fashion changes and to experience the fashion expertise of Kim and Alexandria Bolufe’ 

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Bolufe Boutique